Add a “Cocktail Hour” to Break Up the Day!

If you are staying home like you are supposed to, (please say you are) then your days may have become a monotonous blur. If that is the case here are a few tips to separate the day from the evening and down shift your day.

We have begun a civilized “cocktail hour” in which we snack, converse and disconnect from news, internet and worry. Here are a few tips.

  • Set out a healthy snack. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, olives and hummus are all good choices.
  • Change venue. Go outside on your porch, deck, stoop, yard where ever. Just changing rooms can break up the day and allow your mind to decompress a bit.
  • Play a game. We have been on a Scrabble binge but you do you. A game or a puzzle can be just the thing to connect with your partner and clear the mind.
  • Sip a cocktail. Save your drinky drinks until now and don’t over do. Sip and savor and allow the time to reflect and relax. Put your beer in a glass or garnish your drink.
  • If you are stuck alone you can call or FaceTime a friend. spend a few minutes chatting.

There you have it. 5 ideas that will help you combat stress and reconnect with those around you. You might as well because for the time being you are stuck with them and they might turn out to be nice people.

As always please comment and let me know how I can improve our time together and let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover. Also please check out the links to products like the great charcuterie set below. This helps my with my costs of keeping this site going. Thanks.

Published by Gene Smith

Sometimes go by "Grumpy Old Guy ". I am an almost retired guy living with diabetes in the American South.

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