Stuck at home? What are the top five things you need in a home office?

We all know that you need a phone, a computer and a printer but what do you need to make those things work for you? I have compiled a short list…

  1. A comfortable chair. If you are going to have to spend any amount of time “socially disconnecting” you will need a comfortable chair. I am home bound and stuck in my recliner right now but you will probably want some sort of office chair You don’t have to break the bank here. Just get the offerup or letgo phone app and you should be able to score a good office chair cheap. Make sure you sit in it before you buy it (This is from experience) because if it is not comfortable to you it is too expensive at any price.
  2. A work surface. I have a shelving board across the arms of my recliner but you can use the kitchen table, a folding table (make sure it is stable) Or the offerup desk you just scored. It doesn’t have to be huge especially if you have a wireless printer that is stationed somewhere else.
  3. A place for everything. Grab a trash can, Your chair and your desk. Now just be sure that they are set up so everything is in easy reach. Make sure that there is paper within reach of the printer and your computer, shredder and writing surface are all within rolling distance. That office chair does have wheels doesn’t it?
  4. Good lighting. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Best if your work surface is near a window to pull in natural light but get at least a good lamp with a good bulb. You can check you phone apps but often great deals for lamps can be found on Amazon. The most productive light bulb for you would be something with low heat, good light quality, and being energy efficient. I suggest an led white light bulb with a color temperature of 400K or higher.
  5. Electrical outlets for your equipment. Don’t skimp here. Get a quality extension cord with a ground (if needed) and a power strip with built in surge suppressor for safety for you, your family and your equipment.

That about covers it. please share any advise you might have on working from home and avoiding the health scares that are about in the comments section or contact me

Published by Gene Smith

Sometimes go by "Grumpy Old Guy ". I am an almost retired guy living with diabetes in the American South.

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