All Italian Restaurants Are Not Equal

What is wrong with this picture? Look closely. If you manage diabetes or live a Keto lifestyle, you already know. Pasta. Carbs.

Grumpy Old Guy (Me) and my lovely lady friend went out to a new Italian place last night and try as I might, I could not find any low carb options. With the exception of a steak (which I am leery of at any place but a steak house} or a salad, there was nothing. Now I am not going to mention names because it is a local chain and the food was good but you as a customer need to step up your game and really check the menu. What do they have that you should eat?

That being said, we frequent another local Italian place where, although not on the menu, they will prepare some lower carb options on request. While this probably isn’t an option at chain restaurants, this place will substitute sauteed spinach for pasta in most cases (don’t knock it until you try it). Also some places are offering some sort of zucchini option for pasta. Zoodles anyone? So don’t be afraid to ask, most places have already been asked so may have off menu options already available.

Do your part. They are going to put bread on the table. It tastes good. Imagine doing fifteen push ups for each bite. Easier just not to eat it, right? The restaurants do this to fill you up on the cheap. Carbs are usually cheap. So pass on the bread. Yes, I know it is yummy but trust me, It is not worth it.

Cauliflower crust. What is this blasphemy? Wait, not so fast Many pizza places and Italian restaurants already have this or are rolling it out or have it off menu. Why? Because it is really pretty good if done well and cuts carbs in a big way. My lovely lady friend actually picked up a Cauliflower crust pizza at Aldi and after adding some sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms, it was really as good as any frozen pizza we have ever had and better than most. Seriously, give cauliflower a fair shake!

So the takeaway is:

  • Investigate-read menus
  • Ask-inquire about off menu items
  • Be adventurous-don’t turn your nose up at new things

As always please comment or contact me with questions or comments.


Grumpy Old Guy

Published by Gene Smith

Sometimes go by "Grumpy Old Guy ". I am an almost retired guy living with diabetes in the American South.

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