An expensive knife

I have never been much of a cook. That being said, my lady friend is a marvelous cook and shortly after  began to date her, i was called to carve the meat at meals. Neither of us had any good knives. For a while i made do with what i had. Then we had the occasion to visit some young people with a new household. We were asked to bring a carving knife as they had no nice ones and the ones they had were dull. I thought that as nice housewarming gift might be a knife sharpener. I then had a minor epiphany. I got one for me as well. 

The next night I got it out and worked a bit with our motley collection of knives. The knives we used the most I spent a few minutes on. Afterward, each time I washed one, I would give it ten careful pulls through the sharpener. It only took a few seconds. I formed a habit of cleaning, drying and sharpening each blade as we used it. I had no great expectations as we never bought any expensive knives. It was just kind of a habit. 

A few nights ago, I was called on to slice a slab of meat. I chose my slicing knife and gritted my teeth and began to carve.

To my amazement, the knife slid almost effortlessly through the meat. My cheap knife was making quick work of the task. With each slice I was a bit more impressed. The knife had taken on the personality of a high quality, carbon steel piece of cutlery.

Just ten swipes each time it was pressed into use took a cheap piece of steel to a finely honed tool. Just a little improvement each time. 

We are exactly like that. Just a little improvement each day can make you amazing.You can go from dull to sharp in only a few minutes a day. Try it. What do you have to lose? What do you stand to gain? 

Published by Gene Smith

Sometimes go by "Grumpy Old Guy ". I am an almost retired guy living with diabetes in the American South.

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